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Do you aspire to go abroad for your higher education to pursue a particular discipline? Or would like to see a different part of the world?  A bachelor’s degree is the very first step of your higher education at universities or colleges and will last three or four years in most cases. Bachelor’s degrees are available in almost all subjects. Choosing an overseas education during your university years is one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make in your life. A study abroad experience will benefit you in ways beyond your imagination and expectations.




To study in the Bachelor’s program in foreign countries, the student after accomplishing his High School, must complete evident standardized test.


  1. TOEFL conducted by ETS Or IELTS by British Council/IDP




The Student can apply for the Universities before declaration of their final results of the High School. The applications are available online from about 8-10 months in advance and have different deadlines accordingly universities and courses.

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