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Comprehensive Guide To IELTS Speaking Test

Price INR 250.00

  • Frequently Asked Topics: Part I to III
  • Topics With Answers: 89 Topics
  • Speaking Tests: 25 Tests With Model Answers
  • Expert Tips & Strategies
  • Access to 3 Free IELTS Speaking Test Video

Spoken English Course

Price INR 500.00

  • Version: English-Hindi-Marathi
  • Suitable For: Beginners & Intermediates
  • Chapters Contains:- Practice Tests & Test Papers
  • Covers Most Common English Vocabulary
  • Step By Step Approach To Learning English

Comprehensive Guide To IELTS Writing Test

Price INR 250.00

  • Frequently Asked Topics: Essay, Letters and Graphs
  • Essays With Answers: 103 Essays
  • Letters With Answers: 52 Letters
  • Expert Tips & Strategies
  • List of Vocabulary, Phrases and Idioms