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Deciding the country where you would like to study is one of the most important decisions in abroad studies.

While considering a country to study abroad you have to check many aspects regarding it, including social life, the kind of job you would get post the completion of your degree, value or recognition commanded by your degree, cost of education, financial aid, part time jobs, etc.

At Western Academy, with our experience in overseas education, we help you choose the right country considering all these factors, after doing a good amount of research.

We provide you various options to find the appropriate destination to study abroad keeping in mind your academic and career goals, eligibility, test scores and financial strengths.

The most popular countries for higher education includes USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, as most of the best universities in the world are located here. Post-completion of the degree, students have abundance of job opportunities due to well-developed economy and industries in these countries.

Students gain a diverse and culturally enriching social experience as these nations has international students from all over the world.

Though the education in these countries is costly, financial aid is provided to deserving students.

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