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SAT is one of the most popular exams given by the students all over the world for undergraduate studies. Scoring high in SAT requires dedication, commitment, a comprehensive study material and proper guidance from professional trainers.

The SAT is an internationally recognized standardized test that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge in reading, writing and quantitative aptitude and other specialized subjects. SAT is taken for undergraduate admission in the United States and some other countries.

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test which is mainly required for all the students who wish to undergo their undergraduate studies abroad. A lot of skills like verbal, reading, analytical skills and reasoning are analyzed in this exam. Students are expected to excel in all the various parameters of this exam. SAT is one of the main requisites by universities abroad along with other factors like school grades. To excel in SAT students must practice and improve their verbal as well as mathematical skills.

There are two types of SAT Exams:
1. SAT Reasoning Test or SAT I
2. SAT Subject Test or SAT II

SAT 1 tests students on basic subjects taught in school that are Maths, English and Reading. So these basic academic subjects are analyzed and assessed in this test.

The SAT Subject test analyses the subject knowledge of students in particular subjects like English literature, science etc. It is mainly taken by students who want to pursue their engineering or medical etc. So this test included all questions related to their field of interest which they want to opt.

SAT mainly requires good study material, proper guidance and coaching to understand the structure, format and types of questions asked. Students must understand the tips and techniques to deal with the questions asked. So joining a training academy would be best option to score well and also get the right guidance,

We at Western Academy believe in giving our best to the students so they get their desired scores.

We have been in this industry since a long time and have in depth knowledge about SAT training and have also assisted and guided a lot of students for SAT as well as their admission process. We have successfully sent many students abroad to pursue their dreams.

We provide throughout end to end solutions to the students right from understanding students requirement, universities requirement, and assisting students in the overall admission process.

Customized training for the students’ according to the students requirement and convenience. The first priority is given to the students and their comfort level is given prime importance.

Personalized training and attention is given to each and every student and they are trained according to their understanding level and abilities to grasp the concepts. Each student is treated individually.

Well planned and well structured training program. Our training program for SAT is a comprehensive training plan where a plethora of questions and study material is included and the entire syllabus is planned in a very organized manner and systematic manner.

Highly experienced and trained faculty. Our faculties for SAT are really chosen and selected very carefully and only the best and the most suitable ones are chosen. The trainers are the best in the industry and are 100% dedicated, committed and passionate towards training. Their expertise and knowledge is absolutely unmatchable and brilliant.

We train in a very systematic manner and follow a step by step process in training. All the topics are covered slowly and gradually so that students grasp each topic very clearly and easily.

We provide demo classes for every student who wants to check the training quality first and then enroll

We also keep a track of every student’s progress and development with respect to the study plan and then accordingly guide the students.

Give them enough practice by making them solve questions that match the questions asked in the actual test

Overall monitoring and extra guidance is also given if students need help.

There are three main sections in SAT 1- Reading, Maths and Verbal

Recently there has been a change in the structure of SAT1.

The overall score ranges from 400-1600.

Mathematics section: is scored on a scale of 200-800

Critical Reading Section: is scored on a scale of 200-800

Essay : is scored separately on a scale of 2-8

Component Time Allotted (min.) Number of Questions/Tasks
Reading 65 52
Writing and Language 35 44
Math (No Calculator) 25 20 (5 Grid-in)
Math (Calculator) 35 38 (8 Grid-in)
Essay (optional) 50 1

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