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The Graduate Management Admissions Test commonly known as GMAT is specially designed to check the Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical abilities of the applicant.

The GMAT test helps to narrow down the selection process of applicant at primary level and check their potential skills to study advance business and management courses. Most reputed and well known management institute across globe consider GMAT as their first criterion to evaluate applicant who are willing to take course with their college or university.

Let us touch base on some key points and patterns you need to know while preparing for the GMAT exam. The GMAT is totally different from most conventional form of examinations. The Examination is totally computerized with every student getting different set of paper. With no option for optional questions it is mandatory for student to attempt all the questions. The maximum score of the test is 800. The GMAT scores solely cannot guarantee you admission in your aspiring college or university. It is an important, however not the only facet taken into consideration during the meticulous admission process of the possible course you are aiming at.

Pearson VUE is an US –based organization which works in tangent with the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC). Its main objectives are to streamline and administer GMAT exam. Person VUE is accountable for setting the questions, organizing tests and keeping students posted about their scores.

About the test pattern:-The GMAT exam is categorized into three sections – The Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical Writing assessments.

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